scripted series

These are a few available titles we're working on that have not yet found production/development homes.  For details about these, and information about the full slate, please get in touch.

Division one



Half-hour Single Camera Comedy/Drama (Sports)

At the intersection of sex, drugs, sports, and music, a young woman tutor helps student- athletes through the meat grinder of the NCAA system while struggling to save her marriage to a charismatic DJ who still parties like a college student.

Based on “Hangover Soup” by Louise Ducote

de beaufort

Nam LB 3.001.jpeg


One-hour Drama, Limited Series (WWII, Espionage)
Inspired by a true story. An ex-WW2 spy who was a key figure in the resistance against the Nazi’s, now living in 1980s NYC. Suddenly, forty years later, she is re-activated to take care of unfinished business. 




One-hour Drama Series. (Time travel, Romance, Mysticism)
A teenage girl vanishes from a county fair in 1956, transported back in time by a mysterious man who believes she is the reincarnation of his true love.

Created by William Bienes and Aimee Parrot