These are a few available titles we're working on that have not yet found production/development homes.  For details about these, and information about the full slate, please get in touch.

Division one



Half-hour Single Camera Comedy/Drama (Sports)

At the intersection of sex, drugs, sports, and music, a young woman tutor helps student- athletes through the meat grinder of the NCAA system while struggling to save her marriage to a charismatic DJ who still parties like a college student.

Based on “Hangover Soup” by Louise Ducote

de beaufort

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One-hour Drama, Limited Series(WWII, Espionage)
Inspired by a true story. An ex-WW2 spy who was a key figure in the resistance against the Nazi’s, now living in 1980s NYC. Suddenly, forty years later, she is re-activated to take care of unfinished business. 




One-hour Drama Series. (Time travel, Romance, Mysticism)
A teenage girl vanishes from a county fair in 1956, transported back in time by a mysterious man who believes she is the reincarnation of his true love.

Created by William Bienes and Aimee Parrot



Play with Music for Broadway (Jazz, Civil Rights, Gay Identity)
Written by Rob Zellers

Billy Strayhorn, an often-overlooked giant in the history of jazz, had a life was filled with beauty and richness — from his youth in poverty in Pittsburgh, through the fateful first meeting with Duke Ellington, the turmoil and triumphs of the Civil Rights movement, the challenge of living in his era as an openly gay black man, and his struggles to forge a career and a legacy as a composer.

Reading in Oct 2017 was directed  by and starred Billy Porter with Renee Elise Goldsberry, Norm Lewis and Nathan Darrow.

World premiere slated for 2019.

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